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About Us

Major Renovations

Welcome to the Frozen Pond Arena.  New ownership has made many renovations and upgrades over the last year.

  • New boards and glass, players benches, penalty boxes are now on the opposite side to the bleachers.  With that the bleachers have been moved 5' closer to the glass creating improved viewing.
  • New concrete under the entire perimeter of the boards.  
  • New ice resurfacer (Zamboni).  
  • Upgrades and fixes to the chillers (the equipment that makes the ice). 
  • Fixes to the dehumidifiers (helps keep the condensation and environment in the rink nice). 
  • Upgraded generator.
  • New emergency lighting and exit signs.
  • Completely gutted and renovated mens and womens bathrooms.  Completely gutted and renovated locker rooms.  
  • New rubber flooring through the entire rink.  
  • Renovated front entrance.
  • Renovated cafeteria to have a full menu.
  • New clean bright LED lighting
  • Beginning stages of exterior site improvements.
  • Completely renovated locker rooms